Why Vanuatu? Personal Reasons:

  • Recently voted one of the happiest places in the world
  • Close friendship links with USA going right back to WWII means a welcoming attitude on the part of locals
  • Pollution free tropical environment (no winter)
  • English is one of the three official languages
  • International School (Port Vila)
  • Close to Australia and New Zealand to facilitate tertiary education for children
  • Without the high level entry costs to migrate via investment migration compared to regional Commonwealth counterparts, such as Australia and New Zealand
  • Upcoming direct flights between Vanuatu and USA
  • Active social life, lots of things to do
  • No terrorism

Why Vanuatu? Business Reasons:

  • Tax friendly environment with no personal or corporate income tax, no death duties, no capital gains tax
  • With the VDSP we can provide for you an offshore international company to facilitate ease of business
  • Sophisticated banking system that respects the “privacy” of their citizens
  • No capital controls – in or out
  • Stable democratic Westminster system of government with English Style Judiciary and Legal system
  • Hi-tech communication system with 4G and fast internet access
  • Close to powerhouse markets, banking and trading centers in Asia
  • An emerging nation with recent membership to the World Trade Organisation with international investment in infrastructure projects such as international cruise ship terminals and International Airport

Fast Facts:

  • Easy, fast-track application system for approved applicants.
  • Citizenship in as little as 30 to 90 days.
  • US$200,000 for single passport with citizenship.
  • US$235,000 for Citizenship with Passports: Includes Applicant, Spouse, and 2 children under 18 years!
  • Additional dependents – Grandparents, Parents, Student Children – at minimal additional cost.
  • Attend citizenship ceremony in Vanuatu.
  • Visit 125 countries visa-free or stamped on arrival.

Investments Available:

Magnificent Waterfront Resort Bungalows. Sensational sale and Stage 1 selling now at 25% under Stage 2 projected sale price. Only $250,000 USD each - full price.

This is an unbelievable offer to enter the property market with a purchase of a waterfront bungalow - something that is almost unaffordable elsewhere.

Here's your opportunity to consider 6 unique Pacific Haven Resort purchasing motivators.

Six points to consider:

  • Location, Location, Location!
    • Product position is number one. Pacific Haven Resort is just 15 mins drive from downtown Port Vila - the capital of Vanuatu - and the International Airport. The resort site is on the magnificent and pristine shores of Teouma Bay. This is everybody's favourite location for investment. Absolute Waterfront.
  • Stand-Alone Strata Title
    • This sensational resort offers spacious one-bedroom architect-designed "Upmarket Tribal" waterfront resort bungalows. Each bungalow has its own land lot from 110 sqm to 420 sqm. Onsite Facilities will include 22 metre Pool, Scuba Diver's Academy, Day Spa, Restaurant, Sea Deck and the Jet Ski launch ramp will provide a Watersports marine park at your door step.
  • Guaranteed Rental by Resort Operator
    • Yes, the developers will guarantee a rental return of 7.5 % gross per annum from handover day. This Evaporates any fear of rental risk. Conditions do apply of course.
  • Lease Back by Resort Operator
    • 10 years lease back by resort developer-operator with a further 10-year option provides to purchasers continuity and comfort for the long term. Plus security onsite by management of your bungalow 24/7.
  • Buy Back by Resort Operator
    • A 5 year or 10 year buy back option written into the contract by Pacific Haven Resort developer subject to the then current market value by an agreed and Bank recognised independent property valuer. This secures purchaser's confidence in investing in the Pacific Haven Resort project.
  • Vacation Free each year!
    • Enjoy your investment. Yes, an amazing offer as a Pacific Haven Resort bungalow owner, you have a delightful bonus: 4 weeks every year free use for you and your family