Who is Wealth Today?

Wealth Today is a (PTY) Ltd Company and is currently in the final steps of being re-registered by FSCA(Financial Services Conduct Authority and formerly known as the Financial Services Board) as a Financial Services Provider. The FSCA is the conduct regulator of the Financial Services Sector in South Africa. It is required by law that each entity which conducts business in the Financial Services Sector be registered with the FSCA.

Why the Millionaire Maker?

Although the term Millionaire Maker was coined with a Million as the ultimate target or goal for any investor, the target can literally be any financial goal the investor wants to achieve.

This can be a deposit for a new home or investment property, deposit for that dream car, an overseas vacation, an education fund for the children or simply, early retirement.

The goal in terms of monetary value is entirely the client’s choice.

And get this – you can choose your “target or goal” in the currency of your choice, whether it be US $, British £, European or simply South African Rand – the choice is entirely your own.

This innovative product was designed with your goal in mind so the initial investment amount can be determined over a set time period.

Let’s assume our investor wants to achieve an amount of R50,000 to fund a foreign vacation within 11 months – how much should they invest at the start to achieve this amount?

Our forecasting tool calculated that an amount of R17,419.89 needs to be invested at the beginning of the 11-month period for R50,000 to be reached after 11 months of trading by the Wealth Today trading team.

Let’s assume the investor needs R500,000 as a deposit to secure their dream family home. These funds are needed within 18 months – how much should they invest at the start to achieve this amount?

The investor will have to invest an initial capital amount or R89,051.01 and allow the Wealth Today trading team to earn Compound Interest over the 18-month period to attain the required R500,000 mark.

The minimum investment amount will be R10,000 for South African account holders and $1,000 for all foreign account holders.

To allow the Wealth Today trading team to lock in above average profits, the company has decided to impose a compulsory 90-day lock-in period for all investors.

Markets fluctuate and volatility can play havoc during shorter term trading. Pooled funds are needed for the trading team to take maximum advantage.

Subject to the minimum 90-day lock-in period, Wealth Today guarantees a return or 10.06% per month.

In addition, all trading accounts are automatically compounded to take advantage of the Eighth Wonder of the World – that of Compound Interest.

For those who do not understand the power of Compound Interest. Have a look at this chart below over a period of 8 years to see how R10,000 invested grows over time:

Here are a few noteworthy targets – and this all from a lousy R10,000 invested initially and using the Power of Compounding to grow the investors’ account:

  • The initial funds would have doubled in value by the 8th month,
  • The initial funds would have grown by almost 1000% by the end of a 24-month period,
  • The account will be earning R10,039 by the 25th month,
  • A quarter Million Rand would have been reached during the 34th month,
  • A half a Million Rand would have been reached during the 41st month,
  • By month 48 our investor is earning R100,188 PER MONTH,
  • The magical Million Rand would have been reached during month 49,
  • The Two Million Rand mark would have been reached during the 56th month,
  • The Five Million Rand mark would have been reached during the 65th month earning the investor just short or half a Million Rand PER MONTH….
  • From here onwards, the numbers become too huge to even comprehend……..

And all of this for a lousy initial investment of R10,000 – just imagine what will happen if you start with R100,000?

Our learned friend, one Albert Einstein, called it the 8th Wonder of the World and stated the following: “Compound Interest is the eighth Wonder of the World. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.”

Payments to Wealth Today and future payouts can be in the form of bank transfer or Bitcoin. Bitcoin remains the largest cryptocurrency and with the ease of payment and relatively low costs, Bitcoin is Wealth Today’s preferred method of payment.


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