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Foreign Exchange & Crypto Traders

Trading the FX & Crypto markets requires thousands of hours of experience & skills training. We pride ourselves on our safety first approach  & would rather earn less on a trade than expose ourselves to more risk. This proves itself time after time in our results to be the most successful approach.

who we are

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Alistair McCreath

Founder / Director

With almost 50 years in the Financial services industry & qualifications in Financial planning, Finance Trading & Investment , Alistair is perfectly placed to offer the experience he has gained over his life time in this exciting ever changing industry.


Gordon Sampson

Senior Manager
& passive income coach

Gordon recently joined the Wealth Today Team and brings Innovative New Financial Products to the market. Given Gordon’s passion for teaching and mentoring future investors, he assists in creating a wealth plan to guide you as the client to Financial Freedom.


Annah Matsie Rapapali

Sales Manager
Stokvel co-ordinater

Annah has devoted a very large part of her life to helping others. Her past work history has had her actively involved in the sales & marketing in products that help people to live a better life. She remains passionate about children & their need for a future that offers a good education & a environment that is conducive to growth & happiness.


  • Trading
  • Investment
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax returns individual & small business


  • Foreign Exchange
  • Accounting


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